Blur TR Trail - 125mm VPP Suspension

The all new aluminum Blur TR delivers all the same aggressive ride features of the beloved carbon TRc, just in a more economical package.

With 125mm of VPP suspension, relaxed angles and massive frame stiffness throughout, the TR begs to be thrashed harder than an FIA president.

Josh Bryceland takes the TR for a gentle spin

Frame Features

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Tech Data



Blur TR Geometry
Based on 501mm axle-to-crown, 15mm HS stack
Frame SizeTop Tube Length*Seat Tube LengthHead Tube AngleSeat Tube AngleBB HeightWheelbaseHeadtubeChainstay LengthStandover Height
Small 21.8" 15.8" 68.0° 72.5° 13.1" 42.1" 3.9" 16.9" 27.9"
Medium 23.0" 17.0" 68.0° 72.5° 13.1" 43.4" 4.3" 16.9" 28.3"
Large 24.0" 18.5" 68.0° 72.5° 13.1" 44.4" 4.7" 16.9" 28.8"
X-Large 25.0" 20.0" 68.0° 72.5° 13.1" 45.5" 5.5" 16.9" 29.0"

* Effective top tube
** Seat Tube length measured from center of BB to top of seat tube

Size Guide

What fork sizes are recommended for the Blur TR?

120mm-140mm. Typically the forks we offer are 130mm, which is kind of the sweet spot, but they can all be reduced to 120mm or extended to 140mm by changing the air spring.

Can I put a chainguide on the Blur TR?

Yes, the Blur TR was designed with ISCG-05 tabs, and many guides that are compatible with this standard will work.

What size headset do I need?

The Blur TR uses a tapered headtube often called "mixed taper". This setup uses a standared 1.5" external lower cup (49mm bore) and an internal 1 1/8" upper cup (44mm bore). Almost all headset manufacturers make this product

Can I put a water bottle on the Blur Tr?

Yes, the TR can accept two water bottles- one on the top of the downtube, and one on the bottom of the downtube. The small only has one mount- on the top of the downtube.

What kind of front derailleur do I need?

The Blur TR uses a 34.9mm bottom swing (high clamp), top pull front derailleur. Pretty much anything that fits this description (besides Saint) will work.

What size seatpost does it use?

The Blur Tr uses a 30.9mm seatpost. Make sure it is alway inserted a minimum of 100mm (regardless of where the min insertion line is on the post).

It looks like the lower link is off center in my frame- is everything ok?

Yes- this is correct. With our newer pivot system, the pivot axle draws the link over to one side in order to properly preload the bearings. This offset is accounted for in the frame design so everything ends up nice and straight in the end.

What kind of cranks can I use? Will XX fit?

The Blur TR will accept most any offerings from major crank manufacturers. XX (or XX1) cranks will fit, in either Q-factor version.

What is the maximum rotor size that will fit in the Blur TR?

The Blur TR will accept up to a 203mm rotor

What size tire will fit?

It will vary depending on tire model and manufacturer, but most 2.4" tires will fit.

I want to put a different shock on my TR, can I do that?

Yes, the TR uses a pretty standard shock size (7.875"x2"/200x50mm). The hardware is 21.8x8mm. Like all of our shocks, the TRc uses a custom tuned shock (compression, rebound, boost valve pressure, and air volume), so we don't typically recommend replacing the factory shock.